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Applied Research Consultancy B.V.

ARC – Business Intelligence at work

    Applied Research Consultancy B.V. (ARC) is specialized in Business Intelligence / Decision Support Systems and solutions. ARC herein applies a scientific methodology to real-life situations without losing out of sight the real and pragmatic world. We want viable and sustainable solutions.

One of our main drivers and focus is:
Supporting Sustainable Health Care in Emerging Countries

Our motto is:
ARC – Business Intelligence at work


Our field of operations is broad and diverse:

Business Processes and Business Cases

Exploring business ideas / proposals (e.g. using scenario analyses, sensitivity analyses)

Improving business process flows (e.g. using modeling / simulation and optimization techniques)

(Automatic) data mining, interactive software with or without artificial intelligence, transportation problem solving, critical path analysis, floor planning, scheduling and assignment problems (e.g. assembling the ‘best’ teams and assessing multi-disciplinary teams), etc.

Investment Projects

(e.g. a private hospital; importing Indonesian garments; etc.)

Market exploration

Feasibility studies: assessing and advising with regard to the commercial viability and financial sustainability

Writing of bankable business plans

Arranging financing / subsidy for market studies and / or investment projects

Insurance and Micro-Insurances

(in particular innovative healthcare insurances in data -poor & resources-poor settings and target populations)

Estimating costs and financial risks

Estimating and setting of premiums

Developing and validating actuarial models


The services of ARC are available to a diverse array of sectors, such as agriculture, energy, transport, health and health insurance and medical infrastructure.

Please visit the ARC – Business Intelligence at work page for some examples of past projects


Feel free to contact Hiddo at Applied Research Consultancy B.V., for an informative meeting to explore possibilities, either by email at call at +31 6 21572612, or Skype at hiddo_huitzing.