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Example 2

How to find financing to build or expand a hospital, be it in the public or private sector? And how to assess the commercial viability, the financial sustainability and the economic analysis of the investment project?

For instance, a top international private hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa wants to expand their services to their current clientele and attract new business by offering cancer treatment services at international quality levels.

Or consider a government that wants to expand their network of primary healthcare services for mother-and-child care by rehabilitating and constructing new health centers in a given region.

In a feasibility study / business plan the following is then analyzed:

  • What are the healthcare needs and demands and how is the market developing for the current and new healthcare services;
  • Which financial and juridical structures is most suited to the hospital; and,
  • How to find and convince suitable financiers willing to invest in Sub-Saharan Africa?

For governments and private businesses there are several grants & subsidies are available to execute a feasibility study, to research financing and / or finance the implementation of projects.

Projects that Hiddo has lead and contributed to include a feasibility study for the Government of Mauritania to improve for mother-and-child healthcare services throughout Mauritania, a feasibility study for the Government of Senegal to improve and expand oncology, cardiovascular, renal insufficiency and diabetes care, the acquisition of financing for a top international private hospital in Western Africa, the acquisition of financing for the Government of Ecuador for the improvement and expansion of trauma centers and critical care in Ecuador, etc.

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