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Example 1

How to assemble an optimal team from a set of players using mathematical models?

The instructions were clear: “how could we use mathematical optimization techniques to assemble a football team?”

It was something never seen before in sport. A mathematical model was designed to assemble an optimal team of 11 players from the set of 30 players. This model was devised and tried during an internship (1998-1999) at the football club of FC Groningen (Groningen, The Netherlands).

Note that the Computer Coach, as the software was called, never aimed to substitute the trainer, but to serve as a decision support tool for the trainer to help him make better reasoned choices.

After initial skepticism, the trainer and staff became enthusiastic and supportive about the idea and model, The Computer Coach.

“The Computer Coach” is a Master Thesis in Operations Research by Hiddo, written in May 1999 during an internship at FC Groningen.

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