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Applied Research Consultancy

Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, Operations Research techniques, Simulation modeling, etc. can all been seen as examples of “Applied Research”. Applied Research is the application of research, use of scientific theories and methodology and academic rigueur to practical situations.

Basically this means that we think before we act and that we base our decisions on reasoning and facts rather than hunches – although innovation and intuition are never far away. This is best explained by some examples. Click on the example to see more.

Example 1: how to assemble an optimal team from a set of players using mathematical models?

Example 2: how to find financing to build or expand a hospital, be it in the public or private sector? And how to assess the commercial viability, the financial sustainability and the economic analysis of the investment project?

Example 3: how to define a benefit package and set a premium in a data-poor & resources-poor setting? To put
it bluntly (and, on purpose, exaggerating a little), not much is known about the target group, except that they are poor and have many healthcare needs…

ARC – Business Intelligence at work

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